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We may be small, but here at Laid-Back Farms, we’re in the business of making memories. 

We have a deep commitment to bring you nature-raised produce, free-range eggs and pasture-raised meat that is ultra-fresh, great-tasting, and loaded with nutrients and natural goodness. We welcome you to join us on our journey to self-sustainability for our own family and yours.

Each time you visit, there’s always something new to discover. Visit us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our day to day progress. We are always adding new products and experiences to make a visit to Laid-Back Farms one to truly remember. 

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Chicken Farm


Farm tours are available by appointment to chat with us and take a walk through our gardens to see what's growing. Whether you're interested to learn where your food comes from, feeding our chickens or just want to snuggle with our farm cats, we are committed to transparency in our practices. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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